Financial Record Search Investigation Private Investigator Tampa Florida


FINANCIAL RECORD SEARCH:BANK ACCOUNTS: We conduct statewide and nationwide bank account searches. We locate as many accounts as possible associated with the person in question.

BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS: This search reveals account information for mutual funds, bonds, 401(k)’s, etc… Limited to accounts offered by a brokerage company.

STOCK OWNERSHIP SEARCHES: May reveal accounts not turned up with the Brokerage Account search. These are typically directly associated with a single company, and include stock options in a specific company.

REAL ESTATE SEARCHES: These searches can be conducted locally, state-wide, and nationally.

AIRCRAFT and WATERCRAFT SEARCHES: Doe the subject own airplanes or boats? We can check on both a statewide and national level.

VEHICLE SEARCHES: This search is limited to States that provide investigators with vehicle registration information.

BANK ACCOUNTS: This search will show what banking intuitions are being utilized. The search will also provide how much money is in the account, and the amount of the last deposit.