G.P.S. Tracking by other agency’s at lower prices – by Brain

This photograph was provided by a client that used an agency that had a cheap rate for G.P.S. tracking. The tracker was covered with plastic saran wrap due to the rainy weather. This was done to save money on the agency’s behalf. The unit should have been enclosed in a water tight box like the one our agency uses. The end result was the client’s target found the unit, and the case was worthless. Our agency only uses high-end equipment and we never take short cuts when it comes to our clients. Don’t be fooled by low price G.P.S. tracking services by other P.I. Agencies.

Is your vehicle being tracked by a G.P.S. unit ?

G.P.S. tracking units come in several different shapes and sizes. They range in price from $99.00 to $500.00. Some trackers are “real time” units that give up to the minute location of your vehicle. Other trackers record the locations that the vehicle has been, and the information is downloaded at a later time. In addition some devices are mounted externally and others are hardwired into the vehicle so battery power is not an issue. We are trained to detect the different types of trackers and know what to look for. In addition to visial inspection of a vehicle, we also use electronic counter measures to locate tracking divices. Our agency charges $100.00 to sweep your vehicle for any tracking device. That price includes the exterior and interior of the vehicle.